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    Prince Rucksack


    Böle Rucksacks are somewhat special. The leather comes from the thickest and finest Nordic reindeer hides you can find. These hides are vegetable tanned into smooth yet strong leather. Sewing the bag is fairly easy if you know what you’re doing. It has compartments for all necessity. Straps and buckles are placed where they need to be. The only extravagance is the plate of reindeer horn. This plate has been crafted and engraved with the owner’s initials by a true master, in accordance with old Sami traditions. The resulting Rucksack is a combination of beauty, function and durability. It allows you to wander at length and with style.

    The Rucksacks are available in two models, named King Rucksack and Prince Rucksack. The first King (of the current series) Rucksack was purveyed to H.M. the King of Sweden. The first Prince Rucksack was purveyed to the crown prince of a neighbouring country. As one would expect, the King is bigger than the Prince. As one would also suspect, Sweden is bigger than the neighbouring country.

    Measures: 45x45x25

    Our Rucksacks come with a 15-year warranty and free annual service. They are available in limited numbers at our flagship store and with a few of our resellers. If not, we can make one in a few weeks. If we have the right reindeer hides. Again if not, we may need a few months.

  • Prince Rucksack
  • Prince Rucksack