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Böle featured in Monocle September 24 2013

A long summer of nearly 3 months up here in the north seems to have come to an end. We are now preparing for some new AND old ideas and products. A good start with a feature in the nice paper Monocle. Stay tuned for more updates ahead.


New Arrivals Böle Spring 2013 April 04 2013


The Böle spring collection is intently focused on simplicity united with classic handcraft. Our vision is to reintroduce classic skills into peoples’ lives; products that can be used for many years and that age beautifully. This carefully worked and modern briefcase is a typical example, with hand-sewn parts and hammered copper rivets. Our insistence on handcrafted quality and beautiful, natural leather enhances each carefully designed product of this new line.  

Böle Workshop March 26 2013

A regular Wednesday at the workshop. Fourth week running in the making of the handmade Attaché Case that will be shipped to Harrods in London. After that, some final adjustments on the spring collection that will be launched shortly.

New items March 26 2013

A late happy new year here from Böle, we´ve been busy working with the spring collection, launching in April together with our new site and shop.

King Magazine feature Böle´s Specs Case among other nice stuff March 26 2013

Read all about it

Limited Edition AW 2012/2013 at Nitty Gritty, Stockholm January 28 2013

Böle launched their new Limited Edition AW 2012/2013 collection on the 1st of December at Nitty Gritty, Stockholm. We share Nitty Gritty’s passion for quality and are very pleased about starting up in Sweden’s capital. We will turn up there sometimes too, to show off our new products and talk about classic craftsmanship. /Böle

New collection Limited Edition AW 2012/2013 January 28 2013

Paying homage to the original and the genuine. This limited edition has been  made in Böle signature leather, the bark-tanned natural leather that ages so beautifully. Simple, clean lines inspired by our products from days gone by and designed to meet the needs of today. A limited edition series that came about entirely naturally. We tan the leather by hand using spruce bark and water, a process that can take anything up to 12 months.

Böle Made To Order at Harrods January 28 2013

Since October 2012 you will find Böle Made To Order at Harrods Exclusive. ”Böle are now working on developing their retail outlet network and Harrods fits our profile very nicely” said Anders Sandlund, Creative Director.

4th Generation Böle January 23 2013

The Böle family company was founded in 1899 on the banks of the Piteå river. Here, leather was tanned using spruce bark and water – and no chemicals. Our own-designed leather goods are always made in the traditional way, with focus on classic craftsmanship and quality. In the fourth generation, Anders Sandlund now takes over as Creative Director. In recent years Anders has been running his own design and manufacturing company, redQ, which he started halfway through his economics studies together with fellow student Jonas Forsberg. redQ works with sustainable production and has collaborated with such clients as Norrgavel, Gudrun Sjödén and Granit. The company was sold in 2012. “I have worked in the family company of and on since I was 6, so it will be great fun to take on Böle in this next phase,”